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Why Soya Wax? 
It's a cleaner, longer burning wax from a renewable source. 
Are your wicks lead-free? 
Yes, of course. We create products that are not only kind to the environment but kind to you too. 
Do your candles burn without 'tunnelling'? 
Yes! Our wicks have been selected carefully - they are tested thoroughly based upon the fragrance oil used and the soy wax blend. 
We recommend that the first time you light your candle it is important to allow enough time to allow the candle to burn to the edge of the vessel so that a full melt pool is achieved. 
This is important as candles have memories and if only a small diameter is formed, it will never go beyond this point and the wax will form a tunnel. 
Why don't you produce coloured candles? 
We like the natural colour of the wax . There is some colour variation between candles resulting from the different fragrance oils. 
We have found that the use of colour can adversly affect the scent throw. 
How do I select a candle to give the desired strength of scent? 
Whilst some fragrances naturally have a stronger scent than others, the most important factor is the width of the glass. 
A wider pool of heated oil will give a stonger scent 'throw'. If you want a stronger smell buy a larger sized candle. 
As guidance a 30Cl sized candle will give a pleasing scent throw for most sitting rooms and bedrooms. 9 Cl votives are perfect for most smaller rooms and bathrooms. 
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